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Preparing for Winter!

It’s approaching that time of year again when the woolly hats and scarves come out, the central heating comes on and the beach gear goes to the very back of the wardrobe to become a mere distant memory. But apart from clothes, what else should we be putting on the back burner? We at Big Yellow have put together a list of the things to do to get ready for the next few months of icy weather.

Unless you’re hoping to open a small ice skating rink in your back garden, the time has come for you to wave goodbye to the paddling pool as it goes to its home in storage or the garage to spend a long lonely winter. It brought hours of enjoyment in the summer time but now with winter approaching its far more enjoyable for us to be inside with the central heating on.

Gone are the days when you can enjoy a nice cool glass of wine or an ice cold beer while putting some meat on the barbeque and cooking up a feast for your friends and family alike. It’s time to dust off your barbeque covers or open up your garages to put your hard working barbeque away for many months of rest. So, of course, you’ll just have to cook up a feast in the confines of your kitchen instead…beans on toast anyone?

With an upcoming winter predicted to be colder and snowier than previous winters there probably won’t be much call for the use of garden and patio furniture. And so due to their summery nature it too will need to be packed away or covered along with the rest of the items reserved for those summer days.

It may have been a long time since the items in the attic saw the light of day but now is the time for their comeback so head on up there to find all last winter’s bits and bobs. That means bringing down your electric heaters, electric blankets and basically anything to help keep you warm and snug.

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Summer Furniture in the Snow