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Renovate to add value to your home

A spruce of your home here and there can go a long way in terms of adding value, or if you just fancy a change.

We’ve come up with a selection of helpful tips to make renovating your home as pain free as booking your storage with Big Yellow…

The power of planning
Leave sufficient time for planning and building, setting a realistic budget. There’s a lot to consider – workmen’s time, painting, decorations, and don’t forget a place to store your belongings while the work is going on.

Big Yellow can help you with storage without blowing your budget – you can store from as little as seven days, and with prices starting at £2.85 a week, you can’t go wrong.

Peace of mind
Sometimes you could do with a little help for the larger jobs, so outsourcing support from trusted builders and partners is necessary. Make sure you gather different quotes and references from previous clients, and check out how much work the firm is currently doing – in other words, “When can you get round to me?” Always draw up a written agreement to make sure you don’t get caught out at a later date.

DIY is great for the smaller, less complicated jobs, like painting, changing door handles and mounting shelves or hooks.

Colour me beautiful
When you’re decorating with a view to sell, opt for less controversial colours so buyers can imagine themselves living there. In line with this, the exterior should always be kept spotless – think ‘curb appeal’. When there’s a For Sale sign outside your house, you want to entice potential buyers if they are driving past. Curb appeal can be accomplished by any number of methods including re-painting, attention to landscaping, or simply updating the lock and handle on your front door.

Every little thing you do is magic
A small change can make a huge difference. For example, a mirror on either side of the room makes the space seem instantly bigger. Also, our research shows that two thirds of sellers who de-cluttered before viewings received a higher offer than expected.

If you have possessions that clutter but you don’t want to throw away, then storage is the perfect solution until you find them new home.

Return on your money estimate that a loft conversion can add 10% to a property’s value, but before you do big projects, e.g. an expensive loft conversation, check with your local estate agent to see if you are likely to get a return on your investment.

If you do decide to do some renovations this year, one thing is for sure – anticipate chaos. From gutting to painting, you’ll need somewhere to store your possessions. We can help with that. We offer multiple storage size options from telephone box size upwards, as well as flexible contracts, so think of us when you’re working up your budgets – we’re here to help.