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Space saving tips for your hobby equipment

There can be times when we purchase something with the intention of using it all the time, however with a lot of sports equipment, this is not always the case. It’s common to have sports gear sitting around the home gathering dust and not being of much use, but there’s some really creative ways you can store it, and even turn them into features within your home.

Check out our inspirations below.

Skateboard shelves
Find you or your children aren’t using your skateboard as frequently as you should? With the flat surface, they make excellent shelves, and you can still take them off and use them whenever you want. Simply install a shelf rack to your wall and stack it up.
Skateboard shelves

Surfboard coffee table
Surfing, especially in the UK, is almost impossible to do regularly all year round, but with a little bit of imagination and careful DIY skills, surfboards can make unique coffee tables. Invest in two standalone table legs with a flat surface on top, and voila! An original coffee table that will keep surfing at the front of your mind all year round.
Surfboard table

Stylish cycle storage
Bikes don’t have to be locked away in your garage, rarely seen and gathering dust. There’s a whole host of creative ways to make them a more prominent feature in your home. For example, this trendy shelf unit holds your bike off the ground and you can add whatever you like on top, whether it be flowers, books or your keys if it’s by the front door.
Bike shelf

Display your clubs
Golf clubs certainly aren’t a cheap buy, so it’s a shame if they sit in a dark corner, never to be seen. Make them stand out in your home with an old fashioned gold club stand, which will add character to any room. Stack them in height order for additional effect.

Rack up your racket
This is a great tip for upcycling old rackets, and to make your tennis racket useful during the winter months. Attach it to a wall with a small hook and thread through your earrings, necklaces and bracelets.
Tennis racket

Of course we understand that your sports equipment is precious, and you may not want it out in the open. If you need to store it somewhere safe and out of the way, even just temporarily, then Big Yellow is the perfect option.

Photo credits:, WaxBuddy, Decoist, OldSportGolf, UpCycleThat