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Thinking outside the box

The shed can be one of those places you don’t go to unless you really have to. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. Why not ‘up-cycle’ the space to make it amazing? From a total transformation to some simple sprucing tips, we’re on hand to help you shake up your shed.

Paint with the grain
A lick of paint can go a long way in making the shed less of an eye sore in your garden. Make sure you use specialist weather proof paint that will last more than a few years.
Pink Shed
Sort your stuff
A little organisation never hurt anyone. Hanging your tools from the walls and doors will make them a lot easier to find rather than being scattered around.
inside shed
Total overhaul
Sheds don’t have to be a home for your garden tools and summer furniture. There’s a trend at the moment – thanks to shows such as Amazing Spaces and Shed of the Year – of transforming your shed into a new type of hang out. Check out our Shed-mania blog post for inspiration, and store your stuff with us to make some room.
Cool shed
Rid of that rust
Leave your tool box for a year and go to find that it’s rusty on the inside? A few charcoal briquettes will absorb the dampness and stop the tools and the box from rusting. Ensure you place them in a bit of fabric first so they don’t shed dust all over the inside.
Tool box
Plan it well
If you are planning to build a shed, or maybe you’re feeling inspired to vamp it up, then remember that sheds may need planning permission too. There’s certain regulations that make it a shed, which you won’t need planning for, such as having to be single storey, and it can’t have any balconies, verandas or raised platforms.

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