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Thinking outside the box

Noisy neighbours, children learning to play an instrument, or traffic zooming past the window all night – we all know something that we wish we could silence. But do you realise how easy it actually is?

Have a look below for some simple hacks on how to get a quieter home.

Fill in the gaps
If your front door leads out onto a hallway or a busy road, it’s more than likely there will be outside noise from the neighbouring apartments or traffic. Also any holes or cracks that let air in will also let sound in, so have a good look around the windows and doors to find the problem areas. Installing weather-stripping will help keep noise out, and you can patch up smaller holes with filler.

Switch it up
Simply moving a few bits of furniture around can have a difference on sound coming in. For example, a large, plush sofa on the wall between you and your neighbours can help absorb some of the noise.
Style interior with dark blue sofa and a red table

Soften the blow
If it’s the apartment below giving you problems with noise, then a big, shaggy rug is the perfect solution. In this case, the bigger, the better. Aim for something thick so it absorbs all the sound.
Living room

Wall to wall
If you notice that the sound is coming from the wall next door, then invest in a beautiful, large fabric wall hanging. This will help absorb and muffle the sound. It will work best if it’s hung directly onto the wall, however a fabric panel of some design will also help
Rug on wall

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