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Thinking outside the box

Whether you’re a jazz lover, a heavy metal rocker or a pop princess, you’ll agree that music is an integral part of everyone’s life. All over the world, it serves as a hugely popular form of entertainment, and as a result, the music industry is constantly undergoing rapid changes.

At a time when we’re all thinking about ‘going digital’, making a comeback is the trusty vinyl record. A classic way to showcase and listen to music, the vinyl has hit an 18-year high as people are starting to remember, and discover, that listening to a track on a vinyl has a certain warmth and romance to it.

However, with vinyl comes the need for space, and even though you might think of yourself as a superstar DJ with a living room fit to house your extensive collection, your roommate or partner might disagree. Here at Big Yellow, we’d be happy to help keep your records safe.
Outside The Box - Vinyl Records in Storage

Organising your vinyl – everyone has a different way they like to keep their records in order – by genre, by artist first name or last name, or if you’re really clued up, by date of release. However you like to do it, make sure it’s the method that works best for you, and keep your boxes labelled clearly and correctly.

Packing them safely – the key to packing vinyl safely is creating an environment in which they can sit upright and on edge without pressure of crowding inside the box. Adding a layer of polystyrene at the bottom of the box will help absorb shock when moving them around, and protects the bottom of the records.
Outside The Box - Music Box Record

Swap what you have in your home – you don’t have to keep every record in storage, because then what will you listen to at home? Got a party coming up, or in the mood for some summer tunes? Swap your selection as often as you want depending on what’s coming up.
Outside The Box - Yellow Sub Record

Music is a part of everyone’s life, but it doesn’t have to take up a huge part of your home. Use Big Yellow to instantly gain space in your home, and have peace of mind that it’s in a secure and safe environment. We offer multiple storage size options, from Little Yellow to Big Yellow, so you’ll be sure to find a space which suits your needs.