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Tips and Tricks: Big Yellow Self Storage Could Help Clear Allergies

One in four people are affected by allergies at some point in their life, and dust mites cause the most common allergy. Keeping your home clutter free with good personal storage is essential to improving your living environment and reducing allergies.

Choose wooden floors and boxes – Children with eczema are particularly vulnerable to dust mites. 80% of asthma sufferers react to them too. Try keeping bedrooms tidy, just putting things away is a start. Toys should be stored away to stop them getting dusty. Storage in good quality, sturdy boxes that are made from recycled material will help keep toys in good condition. Replacing carpets with hard wood flooring can make rooms easier to keep clean and also reduce allergies.

Keep toys away from the mattress -Your bed is the main dust mite zone. The average mattress contains over100,000 dust mites. The warm, moist environment is haven for the mites who can lay up to 50 eggs every three weeks. Wash bed linen at 60 degrees and tumble dry soft toys before putting them in storage away from the bed.

Embrace a minimalist house – By keeping furnishings to a minimum, you reduce the number of surfaces dust mites can land on. Visit for help in storing old furniture or items you just can’t throw away. Avoid stacks of newspapers or books in open cupboards as these attract the dust. Using a static duster can also help by picking up dust while you clean.

Store old clothes away – Excess clothing in the bedroom can be a real dust trap. Only keep the clothes that you wear regularly and store the rest in zip locked bags. In this way, you can refresh your wardrobe seasonally, reduce clutter in your home, and help control the prevalence of dust mites. Personal self storage at Big Yellow can help for short and long term storage to suit your individual needs.

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