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Tips and Tricks: Declutter with self storage

Self storage isn’t simply about putting things away for safe keeping. Deciding to hire a room can also act as the motivation you need to de-clutter your living space.

Most of us hoard things and stash them away – whether it’s old clothes, letters, newspapers or plastic carrier bags. But you know it’s time to organise or de-clutter your home when you’re spending far too much time looking for things! In the long run, removing the things that really aren’t useful on a day-to-day basis will save you time and stress, creating a more relaxing home.

Items that may seem essential – but take up a lot of room and haven’t been touched in years – are more often not. Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn for years, de-clutter shelves, cupboards and under the beds, take the contents of your attic or garage to a car boot sale – you may even make some money.

One of the main things is to just get started, fix a scheduled time each day to tidy and start small. Take one room at a time, and don’t expect overnight results. Try a deadline perhaps but be realistic and when you decide that something really might become useful one day – your storage room is the place to put it, not just another spare room!