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Tips & Tricks: How To Store Your Garden Tools

Storing your garden tools properly can add years to the life of your equipment, especially after the summer when there is a risk of rust and wear. Better yet when you are able to use your tools again they will be ready to go straight away. Here are some top tips to help you plan the way you store your garden tools in advance.

Before storing your garden tools make sure you scrub off any dirt or mud by using a stick to knock off the large pieces and a wire brush to remove the dirt that is really stuck on. If it is really covered and you’re finding it hard to get it back to its shiny old self, you may need to soak the tool in a bucket of hot water before attempting again. Make sure you wipe off any excess water with an old rag and let it dry thoroughly to prevent any rusting.

When storing you can treat the wooden areas of your tools by sanding any rough or splintery portions with sandpaper and rubbing in wax which is specially made to extend the usage of your equipment. The metal areas of your tools can be treated with lubricating oil which will protect it from rust and ware.

When putting your tools into a storage unit all shovels, rakes and hoses can be placed together in an empty compost bucket to stop them from falling over and leaning on other products.

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