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Tips and Tricks: Our top ten fireplaces to keep you warm this winter

Autumn is here and winter is slowly but surely creeping up on us. BBQs in the park have been replaced with less-than-palatable potato and leek soup, Mum’s itchy woolly jumpers have taken over our favourite T-shirt’s space in our wardrobes and we can’t help but long for those long, lazy summer weekends sunbathing in the park, while we’re locked indoors vegetating in front of the TV.

But don’t let the winter blues gloom-up your days, we know exactly what you need to add a bit of warmth and cosiness to your house. How about snuggling in front of a beautiful fire place with the loved ones while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate? Winter just got a whole more exciting, right?

We have compiled a list of top 10 fire places that will are bound to brighten up your day.

10. At number 10 we have the traditional fire place. Suits any house, any living room or bedroom, what’s not to love?

9. In at number 9 we have the cradle fire basket. It’s great for real fires as well as just as a decorative item. It’s portable which means you can carry its warmth anywhere you like, in the living room, bedroom, garden, you will never be cold or lonely with this faithful, firey companion!

8. We love the idea of combining the traditional with the modern and that’s exactly what this fire place is.

7. Essentially a coffee table with a twist, these built-in fireplaces are bound to add some good, warm vibes to any home. What makes them special is that they don’t just look good, but they’re also environmentally friendly. No nasty smoke smells, just a beautiful cosy living room, that’s definitely a winner in our books.

6. How about a dive in the past? This cast traditional cast iron Victorian fire place will make you feel like you’re part of Queen Victoria’s court.

5. Fire places aren’t just a great indoor asset they are an amazing addition to your garden too. We particularly love this one which, to us, looks a bit like a mixture between an igloo and a Paleolithic hut (I half expect to see a Neanderthal with a seal coat coming out of it…) This is bound to add bit of an ethnic/pre-historic feel to any back garden even though you may only be in the middle of 21st century London.

4. Now, this looks a bit more like E.T.’s mothership rather than an actual fire place but for those of you who dream of flying or owning an alien saucer, this is probably as close as you will ever get so you can’t really say no to this beautiful UFO, can you? Ready for take off…

Photo from Bloch Design

3. Who said you needed tons of space to have a state of the art modern fire place? This one just needs a wall! Better and definitely livelier than the horse oil painting your Aunt Maggie gave you 2 Christmases ago…

2. This fire place with a built in waterfall has to be one of our favourites on this list. Imagine relaxing by this beauty while hearing the soothing sound of water and enjoying a good book? Who needs a retreat in the Alps to feel like they’re on a winter holiday?

1. And in at number 1 we have a fire place made entirely out of stones. Don’t let the fact that it resembles one of those pizza ovens you may find in a Neapolitan trattoria put you off, this is probably one of the most visually beautiful on our list. Rustic, minimal, unique and functional, the granddad of all fire places, not to mention, perfect for houses in the country.