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Tips and Tricks: Size is everything

Estimating how much space you will need for your storage items can be simple if you know what you want to store. First up, make a list of the items you want to store (this is also useful for helping to remember what’s in there, though it can often be fun to go back and have your very own treasure hunt!).

Next, group the items according to how you will organise them. Start by identifying items that will be packed in boxes and stacked, then prioritise boxed items you will want to access most frequently (they’ll go closer to the front of the room).

Divide by fragility or weight, as heavier, sturdier items should be stored on the bottom of stacked items with fragile items on top. Then consider awkwardly-sized items that won’t stack well, including how often you will need to use them, and how heavy they are.

Finally, take note of how these items will be packed and organised. Boxes and containers should be of uniform size, and should be stacked no more than a few boxes high (depending on the type of box you use).

You’ll then be able to estimate how much size you’ll take up, whether you want to keep some extra space for more items in the future – or simply pack things in and leave them till you move.