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Tips and Tricks: Storing Sofas

… It’s worth taking into consideration which type of material your sofa is made from before storing. Generally, it’s better to store vertically on a flat sided arm. Leather handles the pressure very well, as does micro-fibre. Silky high end fabrics are better to kept on their feet as they don’t have the structural integrity to withstand the additional pressure. For transportation itself, a professional mover knows how to use furniture pads to keep the pressure off the arms. If you are doing this yourself, you’ll need to stand the sofa on end with several double folded blankets to provide a soft surface for the arm.

All in all, an average sofa should be fine when stored on its end in your self storage unit for a couple of months. Be sure that there are no wrinkles on the floor blankets or they will leave an imprint on the arm’s material. Wrapping your couch in inexpensive plastic will provide extra protection for the sofa, as well as keep any pests from eating away at the material.