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Tips on how to wrap difficult shaped presents

Buying presents is one thing, but when you get around to wrapping them, it can be another difficult task all together.

With standard and odd shapes, big and small, gift wrapping is somewhat an art. Practice and patience is what it takes, however, if you are lacking in these, here’s some cracking tips to get you on your way to being a gift wrapping extraordinaire.

Homemade boxes
Handing over a personal gift – such as a piece of jewellery – can be even more personal when it’s not in a box bought from a shop. We’ve created these simple templates to guide you to create something unique to fit the present in. You can pick your own coloured cardboard with or without a design, and maybe draw all over them to add your own touch.templates

Bubble wrap
Some gifts have a defined and recognisable shape; easy to guess when sneaking a quick feel ahead of Christmas morning. The best way to disguise noticeable shapes is with bubble wrap. Layer it around the object and wrap in your choice of paper.
bubble wrap

The bicycle
Commonly known around the world as one of the hardest gifts to wrap – a bike. Our advice would be to keep it simple: add a bow, and keep it hidden until the end of all the present opening. Just as the children think it’s all over, wheel it in and surprise them.

Creative wrapping
Toys come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be a real challenge to wrap them neatly. Instead of folding the paper over like a normal gift, with the addition of some ribbon you can make it in to a type of ‘sack’. Place the gift on a large sheet of wrapping paper, pull the corners around and up to the top, and pull in the sides. Tie around the paper with some decorative ribbon.

Flower power
If you’re really struggling to disguise the shape and feel of the present, then a great tip is to cover it with fake flowers. Wrap the present as normal, then cover it with a material such as felt. This will then allow you to glue flowers onto the gift, making it not just beautiful, but well camouflaged too.

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