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Tips & Ticks: Using Self Storage While Studying Abroad

Having the chance to study abroad can be a once in a lifetime opportunity as you become immersed in learning about another culture but there is often the issue of what to do with your belongings. Many items you have you will want to keep but not necessarily take with you while travelling. Here are some tips for if you’re thinking of studying abroad and want to avoid the hassle of transporting all your goods with you.

When you’re trying to pack the essential items to take abroad with you it may seem like an impossible task to fit everything into one or two suitcases. Firstly find out what your airline’s baggage limits are as you won’t want to pay an unexpected charge for going over the limit. Secondly, many halls of residence have limited storage facilities, meaning you could be left with a very cluttered room.

While you’re abroad you can also make the most of travelling in the location in which you’re situated. Whether it is Europe or the US, carrying extra baggage with you is going to slow you down.

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