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Tips & Tricks: Celebrate Christmas In Your Home Without The Clutter

Christmas Day is drawing closer and by following these tips over the festive period you can celebrate without cluttering your home.

If you’ve bought a real Christmas tree, many local councils offer free recycling and will pick it up for you like they would on a normal refuse collection. You can save storage space all year round by easily disposing of them when Christmas is over.

Don’t use Christmas as an excuse to overload your home with a dancing snowman or a singing Santa. Adding decorations to every bit of free space in your home is a quick way to make it look crowded and cluttered. Try playing Christmas music instead to get in a festive mood.

Rather than having large decorations you could just tie a ribbon around everyday items such as door handles, banisters and potted plants. This will give a Christmas feel to your home at a small cost and won’t create a mess.

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