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Tips & Tricks: Get The Most Out Of Website Self Storage

If you want to place big files such as video clips or images on your website, but don’t want to waste your bandwidth and storage, there’s a very easy solution.

When you host any media on your own site or blog, it uses up a percentage of storage – and when readers view that media, it takes up your bandwidth too. If the media file is small then you probably won’t have much to worry about, but when you want to use files that are large in size, it can have a significant impact. If you have limited storage and limited bandwidth, this causes a problem.

The answer is simple; use a trusted third party. If you want to use a video file, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo – then you can link to the clip or even embed it into your post. The bandwidth is always taken from the site truly hosting the file, so when a user buffers and plays the video, it’s taken from the original host – not your site.

You can use external image providers to host your image files, such as Flickr or Photobucket, as well as compress your images with efficient compression settings (usually integrated into whichever imaging software you use to connect your camera to your computer).

While we don’t store websites (apart from our own) at Big Yellow, you can also use our self storage facilities to store anything you’d like for as little as a week, month, year or as long as you want. We only ask for seven days notice when you want to leave. Visit our Quote and reserve online page to get started.