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Tips & Tricks: How To Furnish And Decorate A Small Room

Even if you’re constrained by the size of a room, there are some things you can do to make it appear bigger.

Mirrors are a great way of making a small room seem larger. Hanging a mirror on the door or using a large mirror on a wall is a good plan of action. Furniture should be placed at an angle in order to hide the box-like feel of certain rooms. You should also consider using fewer, but larger pieces of furniture and eliminating the things that you don’t need such as side tables.

The light in a room also makes a lot of difference, and in general, the more lit a room is, the bigger it looks. Blinds are a better option than drapes in order to maximise the sunlight on offer, but if you have drapes, they should be hung as high as possible in order to give the room the appearance of being higher.

Painting a room can also offer solutions to making a room feel bigger. For example, painting a horizontal stripe around a room can trick the naked eye into thinking that the room is wider than it actually is. Painting the walls the same colour as the furnishings is another trick that makes the furniture seem to fade into the walls. Painting the room in lighter or softer colours is helpful, and certain colours such as creams or icy blues are bright and reflective, which will make a room seem larger. Consider painting the mouldings of the room in lighter colours than the walls, as doing this the walls appear to move outwards, which makes the room seem bigger.

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