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Tips & Tricks: How To Make Space For Your Tools

You can be creative with tool storage and build your own cabinets but there are also many simple storage ideas that will help you keep your tools in good condition and ready when you need them.

A toolbox is a great solution for the all round handyman that only occasionally tries his hand at DIY. There’s a range of different sizes and they are portable which makes it easier to take all your tools with you as they always stay in one location.

If you have the space, a storage rack can keep your tools organised and make it very easy to find what you need effortlessly. To create one of these, all you need is a board which is fitted to a clear wall. Attach various hooks, baskets and mount bars to it to hold your tools in place. With all of the tools hanging in front of you, finding the right piece of equipment only takes seconds.

Alternatively use a cabinet to keep your tools out of sight when not in use. They can also add to your overall storage area in your garage or home as these can give you added depth without clutter being on display. Additional space can be made by installing hooks or bars on the inside of the cabinet doors.

If you have a lot of tools that seem to be taking over, you might want to consider a storage shed. A dedicated home for all of your tools with built in storage racks and cabinets can help ease tensions at home.