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Tips & Tricks: How To Stop Your Shoes From Becoming Cluttered

Shoe clutter is a very common household problem and the more people there are in your house, the bigger the problem can become. A lack of storage space can cause mounds of shoes to appear in bedrooms, near an entrance or a hallway. Here are some top tips to organise shoes effectively and stop them from becoming cluttered.

Storage boxes are useful as they can create easy storage solutions for shoes. They’re very useful for shoes that you don’t wear often or are off-season. Plastic see-through boxes that stack are recommended or you can use the original box and attach a photo on the outside for easy viewing.

Shoe racks and shelves made from wood are useful for shoes that you wear frequently and can be stored in closets that have space beneath the clothes rod. Many racks and shelves stack so you can add multiple levels for additional storage without having to use horizontal space.

Placing shoes that you don’t wear frequently under your bed is a great way of using space that is often left empty. There are specially made storage containers that have individual shoe compartments and often wheel out, but usually lining them up in a row will meet your requirements.

High traffic areas can benefit from storage benches or baskets to help organise shoes and reduce clutter. These can be used for shoes that are worn most frequently and won’t make it to a rack or shelf in a closet.