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Tips & Tricks: How To Store Handbags Correctly For Self Storage

When your handbag costs as much as a holiday to a tropical island, you need to make sure you store it correctly. If you are the kind of person who throws everything in the bottom of your closet, including your precious Prada purse, then think again. Storing them carefully will prolong the lives of these accessories when using self storage; keeping them in pristine condition and making them last longer.

One of the best ways to store handbags is to put them in plastic boxes which allow air to circulate. Just make sure the boxes are big enough so that you are not folding over the bag handles.

The handbags you use regularly need to be easily accessible, so store them on the top or side shelf in your closet, standing upright in a line. You can organise them however you like – by size, type or colour – just make sure they aren’t crumpled on the floor.

Purses you don’t use so often can be wrapped in cotton pillowcases or cloth storage bags before putting them into self storage. Do not put them in enclosed plastic dry cleaning bags, or boxes without airflow as this will damage the leather.

If storing bags together make sure you cover any brass or mental chains, rings, studs and so on to stop them marking other bags. You can do this with a piece of tissue or cloth. Tuck chain handles inside the bag to prevent the chain from scratching or marking the outside leather. Undo metal fastenings and buckles on straps so that they do not leave an impression.

To help their keep, stuff the bags with tissue paper or any alternative acid-free filling, but do not use old newspapers. Bubble wrap is better than tissue paper for padding out or wrapping bags, as it doesn’t attract moths in the same way as tissue paper.

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