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Tips & Tricks: How To Store Your Collectibles

Collections can be exciting and fun and, in moderation, displays of collected items can provide a nice decor for your home. However, collections can easily get out of hand and could end up making your house look like a charity shop. If this is the case, it might be time to consider putting some of your stuff away. Storing your collectibles is an important part of organising your collection and keeping it safe. We have compiled some tips and tricks for the best way to store your memorabilia.

Depending on what you collect, you may be able to incorporate collectibles with your decor by displaying items on walls or shelves. To avoid exhibiting the entire collection at once, put some items into storage and then rotate them every few months to ensure your walls don’t look too cluttered.

For items which are not being displayed it is important to store them correctly so they do not get damaged by water, mould, temperature extremes and insects. Buy archival quality containers for items which are extremely old or valuable. There are special containers for pretty much everything from old stamps and maps to vintage books. For photos and albums, ensure you put archival quality paper between photographs to prevent them from sticking together and seal them in an airtight plastic bag to prevent any moisture getting in.

For fragile ornaments and mementos use the same-size boxes for easy stacking. Wrap each item separately with clean paper (top tip: do not use newspaper as the print can transfer). Pack items firmly next to each other, but not too tightly. Reinforce the bottom and top of the boxes with extra tape. Fill empty spots in the box with packing chips. Mark boxes as fragile and label all boxes and containers for easy reference. We sell a wide range of boxes and packing supplies in store and online, go to Boxes Etc to find out more.

Before packing anything away, create an inventory for all of your stuff so you know what is in each container and box. Whether your collection is purely sentimental or very valuable, you may want to consider keeping it protected in a secure environment.

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