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Tips & Tricks: Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions for Longer

One resolution that is often made at the beginning of each year is to exercise more and get in shape, but this rarely lasts beyond January. Here are some top tips and tricks to keep your New Year’s Resolution going throughout the rest of the year.

Before you purchase any fitness equipment, look around your home for possible areas where it can be stored. You may need to rearrange furniture or even get rid of some to make sure it will all fit. Don’t forget about the extra space you will need that isn’t obvious at first glance, as some equipment will fold out onto the floor. Once you have an idea of the space available you can make a selection of possible equipment to have in your home.

You can still maintain your resolution of getting fit in the New Year without your home looking like a gym. By using the free space under your bed to store dumbbells or a yoga mat they can be kept out of sight but are ready to use when needed. You can also create an aerobic workout in your home when you declutter without the use of fitness equipment. Running up and down stairs between tasks will get your heart racing without the expensive cost of going to the gym.