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Tips & Tricks: Maximise The Space In Your Bathroom

We tend to spend a lot of time decorating our bathrooms but more often than not toiletries begin to take over and outgrow their storage spaces with extra clutter. You can make great use of all the areas of your bathroom to help store items in the most efficient way regardless of the size. A great way to start clearing the clutter and maximising the space is by throwing away any items that have expired or products that you no longer use.

Shelves are a versatile storage solution that match any décor and can be added to a blank wall space which will give you the opportunity to find a place for items in your bathroom. Corner shelves are very useful to maximise the space in the corner of your bathroom and be purchased ready-made from household retailers.

Wicker baskets are practical, provide simple storage solutions and can aid in the décor of your bathroom. They’re portable and can be placed on open spaces around your room, although you don’t want to cover every available space with a basket. With these you’ll be able to store a variety of different large or small items as they come in many different shapes and sizes.

Adding a storage cabinet that goes above your toilet is a great way to make use of the dead space that is often left empty. It will give you lots of extra space to store items such as soap, toilet tissue and hand towels.

The back of the door is an area which many don’t realise is a great storage space. You can purchase hangers which clip on to the top of the door or even paint the door with magnetic paint. This space can be used to hang towels and store other items while maintaining the attractive look of the door.