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Tips & Tricks: Putting Electronic Goods Into Self Storage

Whether it’s a plasma television, a computer or a stereo – are delicate, cost a lot of money and central to most people’s lives. If you’re placing any of these items in self storage, you need to make sure that they stay clean and protected until you need to use them again.

The best way to prepare is to make sure they’re clean in the first place. Wipe them down to remove dust or grime, as this can cause premature scratching and degradation of the plastic. Next – detach all wires, as this reduces strain and wear on the sockets – but make sure that they’re grouped according to appliance and labeled. The last thing you want to do when unpacking is to have to search for a stray cable!

Wrap your electronics with dust sheets, but not plastics, as this will create moisture pockets. If you’re using the original boxes, fill in any empty space with Big Yellow loosefill to prevent the items from shifting during transport and causing damage to each other.

Remove batteries, tapes or DVDs from each appliance, and label all boxes to make identifying your belongings easier.

Finally, be sure to stack boxes containing electronics according to weight, keeping heavier items on the bottom and lighter or more fragile items on top. This will prevent boxes from collapsing and damage to your electronics.

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