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Tips & Tricks: Relieve Stress By Keeping Your Clutter Under Control

De-cluttering can help relieve stress and create a fresh start in your home. It’s hard to relax in a disorganised home and once you start clearing the clutter you will be surprised how much bigger your home really is. It should be a stress free environment and with a little effort you can help clear the clutter.

Start small by tackling one room at a time and designate three boxes labelled charity, rubbish and storage. As you complete each room you can go through the boxes by donating and throwing away any items that you no longer want or storing the items that you want to keep but can’t find a home for.

Before you buy new items for your home, ask yourself if you really need them and consider what you already have in your home. This will help you keep your possessions and clutter in check.

Setting aside time to declutter regularly is important as you will ensure that it doesn’t build up around your home. Whether you choose a free weekend to tackle the clutter or by simply taking 15 minutes each day, it’s important to include it in your schedule.

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