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Tips & Tricks: Storage In Small Apartments

There are many advantages of living in a small flat or an apartment but if you don’t maximise your storage space it can quickly become cluttered. Here are some top tips to help you reclaim your space and ensure the storage available is used effectively.

The living room is often the most used area of an apartment which means it’s the area which can become cluttered the quickest. Having coffee tables with drawers offers additional storage space for smaller items and small decorative baskets are a good way to store remote controls in one place.

Maximising the storage space in kitchens can be tricky as there a lot of small items within a confined area. Cereal and boxed items can be stored in smaller plastic storage containers to save space and stacking canned items takes up less room in cabinets.

Using the space under a bed is a must for organising and storing in a small bedroom. It’s a useful area that can be used to store seasonal items such as clothes, blankets and shoes in storage containers.

Being creative in a small bathroom is essential. Use the back of your bathroom door and if your bathroom has a small closet, use the back of that as well. There are many storage items that are made especially to hang over the door and come in a range of different sizes.

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