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Tips & Tricks: Storing New Christmas Gifts

Christmas maybe over for another year but the gifts that you receive can often take a while to sort and find a place where they can be kept. Here are some top tips for you to find space in your home for new Christmas gifts.

A simple idea that quickly cuts down clutter after Christmas is that for every gift you receive, you dispose or store two. For example: if you’re given an item of new clothing, you can take out two items that you no longer wear or are out of season before you place it in your wardrobe. You will be freeing up space in your home as you’re putting away gifts. Whether you decide to recycle, donate or store old items, each new gift will reduce clutter and keep you organised.

Children’s rooms can often become cluttered after Christmas and the floor space can get filled with the new toys. They will often they go through stages of liking different toys and still have their favourites. By keeping the most used toys in a place that’s easy for them to find and put back you can make sure that they’re not left in other areas of your home. An additional idea is to set up a toy zone where certain items are allowed but can’t be stored elsewhere.

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