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Tips & Tricks: Storing towels and linens

It’s often the most-used and basic of household goods that are difficult to store. Bathroom towels take up a considerable amount of shelf space, especially extra-large body towels and thick fluffy cotton varieties. Even when neatly folded or rolled they require a significant amount of space.

Not every home comes with a linen closet that offers deep shelves for bathroom towels. Why not instead invest in an extra-large wicker basket? Display towels that colour-coordinate with the bathroom, and store them in the open basket. The towels will be within easy reach when a clean one is required, and they will add to the colour scheme of the space. A smaller matching basket can be used as decorative open storage for neatly rolled hand towels and flannels.

The other option is to invest in a freestanding ready-made cabinet – a self supporting one with shelves and drawers. When the bathroom is too small for storage, place the cabinet at the end of a hallway or around the corner near the bathroom. Use it as storage for bathroom towels and other supplies. It will look like a built-in cabinet when in fact it can be moved as desired.