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Tips & Tricks: Student Storage Solutions

When students move into university halls they’re often faced with small rooms and not enough space to accommodate their stuff. Rooms usually come with a basic wardrobe, bed and desk fitted into a tight space. Here are some top tips to help organise and store things efficiently.

As students usually stay in rented accommodation there are limits to what can be done with the room. Drilling into the walls to put up hooks and shelving won’t be allowed so you will have to be ruthless with the items you want to take and be imaginative with the space available. Bringing boxes, containers and over-the-door hangers will stop items becoming cluttered on the floor.

You’re likely to hoard more items throughout the year with university work and any purchases you make. Keeping all your work together in designated areas will make sure it’s organised.

Many universities don’t allow you to keep your items in halls during the holidays so it can be inconvenient to bring everything home only to drag it all back. If you’re a student looking for storage solutions, find out how Big Yellow can help by visiting our student’s online page to get started and receive a 25% student discount on all storage costs.