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Top tips: A helping hand with DIY hacks

You don’t have to be completely alone while ‘doing it yourself’. At Big Yellow, we offer daily tips and tricks to help you with your projects on our Twitter feed. We’ve pulled out some of our favourites to give you a helping hand.

Safety first
Using a fine comb to hold the nail in place as you hammer away will prevent bruised fingers, and sandpapering the end of the hammer will help grip the nails. Only have a stripped screw? Put an elastic band over the top while you fasten it, making it useable.

Organising your nuts & bolts
Two hands is never enough when you’re handling tools and hardware. If you glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer, you’ll have a place to hold the nails without having to put them in your mouth. Keep fittings such as you screws, Allen keys and bolts in clearly labelled see-through bags according to their use, so you won’t spend hours trying to figure out what goes where.
Hammer with magnet

Going ‘au naturel’
Never underestimate the power of the lemon. To polish up chrome faucets, rub the area with a halved lemon, rinse and buff with a soft cloth. This also works a dream for brightening aluminium such as pots and pans.
Lemon on chrome

Melt your troubles away
Melting a block of ice on a carpet dent helps fluff it back up to keep it looking pristine, while a squeegee is handy tool for removing pet hair from carpets. Acrylic-latex sealant is an easy to apply and easy to remove material that can be used for sticking rugs to hard flooring, preventing any nasty accidents from happening due to slippage.
Ice-  Carpet dent

(Not) Getting messy
Putting an elastic band around the open tin of paint gives you a handy tool to wipe your brush and avoids any unwanted dripping or excess paint. It also keeps the paint tin nice and clean. Pour a bit of extra paint into a small jar to allow you easy access for quick touch ups.
paint with elastic band