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Top tips for DIY

Thinking about doing it yourself? We’re here to help. Here’s a couple of handy tips to get you on your way. Don’t forget to check our Twitter feed where we upload life-helping tricks every day.

If you’re doing a big job – whether it’s painting, putting up wallpaper or sanding down a room – then consider putting your furniture into storage so it doesn’t get ruined. With a large range of different sized rooms available, we’re sure you’ll find the right space for you.

Paint it yellow
If you are painting over a garish or bright wall colour, apply one coat of yellow – preferably a faint shade, though any will do. This will neutralise existing primary colours and make it easier when you come to paint in your chosen colour.
Yellow Paint

While you paint
If you take a break between painting sessions, or need to pick it up again the next day, keep the paint brush wrapped in a plastic bag held tightly with an elastic band. This will stop it drying out. When you’re finished with the brush, you can put an elastic band round the bristles, which will help it keep its shape.
Paint Brush

Stripped screw
If you’re in that annoying situation when you’re looking to take something apart but you’ve stripped the screw, then there’s a very easy solution. Find a rubber band and put it over the head of the screw. This will allow the screwdriver to grip and it will easily come out.
Screw Head

Working up high
When you’re up a ladder, it’s always a wonder as to where you keep your tools. A C clamp on the side of the ladder makes a super handy hammer holder.

Hit the nail on the head
To avoid bruised fingers, hold a nail with a peg while you hammer. If you’re running low on pegs, a fine toothed comb also works a treat.

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