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Top tips for Home Improvement Month

The month of April is nationally recognised as ‘Home Improvement Month’, and a recent survey shows that two thirds of the UK are coming home to unfinished improvements every day.

If you’re in that category of people with unfinished business, or if you want to begin a home improvement project, then never fear, Big Yellow is here to help. Every day our Twitter feed is updated with tips & tricks to inspire and assist. So to help kick off your home improvement project, here’s a selection of our favourite #HomeImprovement tweets.

Converting up & down
If you’re thinking big this April, think up or down. There is huge potential in loft and basement conversions to not only improve your home and quality of living, but also adding value to your home when you come to sell. Depending on the layout of your home, it will come at a bit of a cost, but the rewards you will reap are endless. The extra space could allow an extra bedroom, a playroom for the children, or even a cinema room for everyone to enjoy. At Big Yellow, it’s easy to store your belongings short term while the renovation is taking place, or long term if you’d prefer to keep the space for an extended period of time.
Home Improvement Month - Loft Conversion

Ingenious storage solutions
When looking to create extra space around the home, it’s not always instantly obvious where to look. To get the most out of your home, you have to be imaginative. The dead space under the stairs is always a great place to start; you can add bookshelves to create an under-the-stairs library, or perhaps transform it into a home office. Cheap materials such as crates and pallets allow you to be really creative with ways to store; check out our “Top Tips: Ingenious storage solutions” for further inspiration.
Home Improvement Month - Under Stairs Shelf

Liven up your living space
An easy way to breathe life into your home is to add a living wall to your kitchen or living area. Plants are a great solution for adding a splash of colour without having to get out a paintbrush. You could even grow your own herbs or veg – chilli plants are incredibly simple to care for.
Home Improvement Month - Plant Wall

Update and revive old furniture
When updating your home, it’s tempting to go out and buy brand new furniture. However, usually you can always look closer to home. Renovating furniture is quick, easy and cost effective. For example, a lick of paint and some new handles will instantly transform a chest of drawers.
Home Improvement Month - Chest of Drawers

Home character building
Don’t be afraid to show off your personality through your home. Using belongings from your past to create furniture can add character to any room. For example, an unused surfboard can take up valuable wall space in the home, so transforming it into a trendy coffee table will put it centre of attention in your living room. Old skateboard decks or snowboards also make for great shelves.
Home Improvement Month - Surfboard Table

Don’t let the month of April pass you by. Use it as an excuse to get the job done. Big Yellow are here to help you every step of the way, from useful tips on our Twitter feed, to looking after your belongings when you’re renovating and improving your home.