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Top Tips for organising your Shed

As it’s National Shed Week we thought it would be a great opportunity to throw some shed themed advice your way. In this blog we’ll be discussing some of the essential tools for your garden and some of the best ways to organise your shed.
Firstly let’s talk about some essential tools you’ll need to maintain your garden and keep it looking marvellous for the upcoming summer weather (fingers crossed). When buying tools make sure you buy good quality ones as they will be able to take the wear and tear – so buy cheap and buy twice! Some great quality brands that you won’t go wrong with are: Fiskars, Spear & Jackson, Wolf, McCulloch and Bosch.

No shed would be complete without:
• A lawnmower. Now there are a few choices so it really depends on the size of the garden and what you feel comfortable with. If you have a fairly small area of green and not that much to keep under control then an electric lawnmower will suffice. However, if you have a bit more space to tame then you should, perhaps, look at a petrol lawnmower that can handle a larger workload.
• A spade and fork. Couple these with a trowel and small hand held fork to ensure all your gardening tasks can be dealt with.
• Loppers and secateurs are essential for managing small hedges and bushes. You might want to consider a hedge trimmer if you have more of a forest to trim.
• Gloves are also a must to keep your hands clean and to handle those brambles.

Note: this list isn’t extensive. The more you can fit the better!

Now you must be thinking “Well I can just throw all of this in my shed”, but how do you store all of this leaving room to walk and find it all?

Organising your shed isn’t just for the perfectionists among us. Making sure your shed is tidy, maintains a safe environment, saves you searching time and looks magnificent.
• Different clamps, hooks and brackets are perfect for long handle tools such as spades and forks.
• Invest in some shelving. Stand-alone shelves that are adjustable are perfect for customising your space and making sure tools aren’t thrown on top of each other
• A magnetic bar might be something you only think of in a kitchen but these can be great for storing your smaller tools such as trowels and secateurs.
• Installing a potting bench can be a super edition to the shed giving you some more space to store tools and gardening bits in baskets and boxes of course! This also means you can re-pot some of your favourite plants regardless of the English weather.
• Hang a wicker basket on the back of the door for some of those odd bits and pieces such as gloves. This again is a great space saver!

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