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Top tips for packing and moving effectively

It’s the prime time of year for moving house. Lots of people decide to sell their homes around this season because bad weather (hopefully) won’t be an issue while moving, there’s no school holidays to worry about, and the sun will make properties look their best.

With the excitement of moving house, there also comes a lot of stress. At Big Yellow, we understand this, which is why we like to help lighten the load.

When packing up, it’s tempting to think that if you get it all done in one day then it will be out of your way. In fact, we think it’s best to plan ahead. Think about the necessities that you’ll need in your new home from day one. You can use Big Yellow as a half-way house – anything that you don’t need just yet, can be stored with us. Once you’re settled with the position of your key pieces of furniture, then you can start to think about what will go where and move it from storage to its new home slowly.
cardboard boxes

While packing, clear some floor space and designate an area for certain boxes so you know what’s going where – packed boxes to move, boxes for storage, charity donations and giveaways. An organised mess is better than a huge mess. Labelling boxes clearly will also go a long way for when you’re moving them into your new home or come to collect them from your storage unit.

Only use rubbish bags for rubbish. This will avoid any confusion along the way. If you find yourself without boxes, tape and bubble wrap, these are all things you can purchase from us. We can also help you arrange van hire, either online or if you give us a call.
Big Yellow Boxes

Prepare a bag of essentials, which should be the last thing you load into the van. This should include a few changes of clothes, toothbrushes, some snacks, a kettle and some tea bags (don’t forget the mugs and sugar!), a first aid kit, tool box, and anything else you think you’ll need in the first couple of days of relocation.

We know that moving house is a process no one looks forward to, however we’re here to support you; have a look at all the ways we can help. We’ll even make you a cup of tea on arrival at your new storage unit to help soothe away the stress.