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Top tips for packing your holiday suitcase

You haven’t slept because you’re too busy thinking about it, and you’ve spent all day dreaming of it. Soon, you’ll be on your way to sunnier shores with sun cream and sunglasses in hand. But before you go, read our top tips to make sure you depart without the kitchen sink and touchdown in style.

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for takeoff.

Try your shoes for size
What they really meant to say about people with big feet is that they have more room in their suitcase. Stuff your socks and underwear in your shoes when you pack, it’s a great way to create more space and holds the shape of your shoes too.

When in doubt, roll
Rolling clothes and towels is not only a great way to avoid creases but it is far neater, meaning that you can get to that dress you want to wear or those comfortable shorts more easily and head out of your hotel quicker. Rolling tightly will save space and more importantly, make room for more.

Divide by three
Whether you’re the type who writes a list or someone who just chucks it all in, divide by three. Pack what you think you might need and then take a third of it away – you’ll still only wear half of what you take.

Wrap it up
When you’ve finished rolling lay a pashmina, scarf or large jumper on the top of your case and, if your case has them, close the elastic fasteners. That extra layer will stop smaller, loose items from moving around and keeps everything in place.

Work together
If you’re travelling with two or more people, split your belongings. The chance of losing your case is slim but it’s better to be prepared. If one case goes missing, at least you have another with a change of clothes to choose from.

Be prepared
We’d recommend packing and partly closing your case at least 24 hours before you’re due to leave. This will remove the air between clothes just in case you decide to add anything else to your load in the morning.

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