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Top tips for reinventing your home for summer

With attentions turning to the warmer months ahead, why not get in the mood by injecting some sizzle into your home environment. Follow our simple and practical tips for inspiration if you’re planning to reinvent your living space:

Go lighter
One of the simplest ways to add bring summer to your home is with a lick of paint. Choose lighter shades such as cool neutrals and versatile creams – perfect for creating a light and airy environment throughout the year.

De-clutter your living space of the things you no longer need. If you’d rather not sell or throw things away, an easy solution is to store them with us at Big Yellow. This way, you can have the best of both worlds – freeing up valuable space whilst holding onto items in case you ever change your mind.

Dress to impress
Switching bedding and linens in the summer months is a sure-fire way to enhance mood and usher in the new season. Switch those dark, heavy duvets and throws for lighter linen with a bright summer palette. The same goes for pillows and cushions which are a cost-effective and simple way to accentuate any room.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…
A really great way of creating a feeling of instant space and light is to strategically position mirrors around the house to maximize a room’s natural light. Try placing a mirror between two windows to trick the eye into thinking there’s a third window. Hang a mirror in the hallway, often the most narrow and cramped of spaces, thereby making the space so much bigger. Another trick is to clean windows in the Spring, you’ll be surprised at how a room seems so magically transformed with dirt-less glass.

The smell of summer
Nothing invokes the spirit of summer like the smell of freshly cut flowers. Haul the garden out of hibernation by planting summery blooms such as daffodils and lavender. Or build quick and easy container plants and window boxes to add an instant feel of summer.