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Top tips for space in your kitchen

Kitchens can be the busiest rooms in the house, and there’s a huge amount of items to squeeze into what is generally a small space.

Here we’ve collated some tips and tricks that will help with making your kitchen look super slick. Try some of these ingenious storage solutions to help you love your kitchen space.

Things aren’t always as they seem
Metallic towel rails don’t always have to be for the bathroom. With this simple trick, you’ll be creating space in your cabinets and drawers to make way for other bulkier items.
Kitchen - Towel Rails

When in doubt, look high
If cabinet space is tight, then think about what you could do higher up. If there’s unused space, for example above the fridge, or even about the door, then you can add in some extra shelving. We love this idea of installing a rolling ladder for the places you can’t reach.
High Cupboards

Cut it out
If you’re feeling really creative, then you can build and modify a chopping board so it fits over your sink. This is a great way to save on that all important counter space. Alternatively, you could make it fit on top of your stove for when you’re not using all the hobs.
Chopping Board

Pull out pantry
For those that don’t have space for a pantry, and minimal cupboard space for dry goods, this cabinet that slides out over the counter top is the perfect space saver.
Pull Out Cupboard

Stylish hanging
S hooks can be a kitchen’s saving grace. Installing a chrome rail and hanging yours pots, pans and utensils saves valuable space in drawers and cupboards, and can also look rather stylish.
Steel Pans

Photo credits:, Elle Décor, William Garvey,,