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Top Tips: Ingenious storage solutions for creating space around the home

Space is quickly becoming a luxury, and people are having to become more inventive with the way they create space around the home. Creative storage solutions allow you to keep tidy in a stylish way. Our Twitter feed offers daily tips on how to make the most out of space; here’s our top five favourite tips from our feed…

A ‘crate’ way to make more space
There’s a million ways you can use crates for storage, from stacking them to making shelves, or sticking them to the wall to act as a shoe rack. For a similar feel, pallets can also be put to good use around the house, for example, this ingenious wine rack.
wine rack

Stairway to space heaven
Depending on the size and design of your staircase, there’s a huge amount you can do, from big transformations to simply adding some shelves. You could convert the space into your under-the-stairs home office, or even install a bench-like seat to add extra seating to your living area.

Store under your floor
If you have a small house but high ceilings, it’s incredibly simple to add a raised platform, creating extra space to store your belongings. The options are endless; you could add a pull out bed, or design it to include drawers and a lift-up floor.

Secret storage
Shhhh…no one will ever know that these books are actually creating a hidden space. Shelves can take up a lot of space as they encroach outwards into the room. You could carve inwards to create an inverted shelf, or use smart little storage solutions such as these boxes to take back that little bit of extra space.
book box

Transform unused small spaces
Whether it be an unused closet, or a small alcove of dead space, there’s plenty of ways you can use it to increase room around the home. If you have a closet that is hiding the pieces you rarely use, but don’t want to depart with, then you can use Big Yellow to keep them safe. It will free up the space to convert it into that workshop you’ve always wanted, or the kids’ den that they continuously claim they can’t live without.
under stairs

Whether you’re thinking big or small, think imaginative. Our Twitter feed is updated regularly with tips and tricks that will help fuel inspiration. Follow us here.