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Top tips on utilising small spaces around the home

At Big Yellow, we’re firm believers that a little bit of space can go a long way. Creating zones for separate activities can make your space feel larger, as well as little eye tricks such as strategically placed mirrors and floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Check out our top tips on how to transform the small, and maybe unused spaces into something great. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Twitter feed where we upload useful tricks every day.

Under the stairs
There is so much more you can do with the space under the stairs than just a closet for your winter jackets. From book shelves, to cubby holes with seating or even a funky bike rack. Why not move your under-the-stairs stuff into a similar size space at Big Yellow, and make way for something more inventive?
Under the stairs
Small bathroom
If you have a small bathroom, be sure to keep it uncluttered to give it a streamlined look. Storage space is key, and if you’re worried about filling it with cabinets and chests, then utilise the wall space. Try adding in some simple shelves and piling them with brightly coloured towels – not only will they save space but will also add a splash of colour.
Extra garage space
It’s a known fact the garage is a haven for clutter. There’s a lot of stuff to fit in to what can be a tight space, so it’s key to use the available sections efficiently – even in the wall. Bungee cords are a great way to hold tools and other smaller bits to flat surfaces, or walls that have an indent.
All the way up
There is often a lot of under-utilised space between the ceiling and high mounted elements. A great trick to draw the eye upward and give the impression of a bigger room is to take cabinets, book cases and curtain rails all the way to the ceiling.
Small doesn’t have to be miniature
Just because a room is small doesn’t mean it has to hold small furniture. In fact, larger furniture and less of it looks better, making it feel grander. Filling it with larger items gives the impression that the space is bigger.

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