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Top tips to prepare your spare room for guests

We’ve all experienced that feeling of sheer panic that sets in when you have guests staying with you. That moment when you realise that the spare room is currently occupied by your fishing gear, gym equipment that you never used and all the bric-a-brac that you tell yourself you really need but have been condemned to sitting in boxes since you moved into the house 10 years ago. What follows is usually panic and a frenzied tidying spree.

To avoid this process and ensure that your guests don’t end up having to climb over all your stuff to get to their bed, Big Yellow have compiled a helpful checklist of things to do before your guests arrive to make their stay as pleasant as possible.

1) Clean!
Yes, this might seem incredibly obvious – why wouldn’t you clean a room before guests stayed in it? Guest rooms should be cleaned thoroughly though and with at least as much (if not more) effort than would be used cleaning any other room. Another part that is often overlooked is cleaning the bathroom. I don’t think it really needs to be explained why this is important! The bed is perhaps the most important part of this. Nobody wants to sleep on a lumpy old mattress or a creaky bed. Make sure you provide a decent bed that isn’t falling apart. It’s also important to use fresh sheets, as It’s not a nice feeling sleeping on bed linen that you know someone else has used before. Buy fresh linen if you can afford it but failing that you should at least wash the ones you have before your guests arrive.

2) Clear the decks
As with so much of life, when it comes to readying a guest room, less is definitely more. Make sure your guests have enough hanging space in the wardrobe and clear out a couple of drawers for their clothes. Also, remove any stuffed toys, trinkets and photos. Always remember, if you wouldn’t find it in a hotel room, it shouldn’t be in your guest room!

3) Essential items
Having said that, some things you should leave out include a tray for pocket items, pens and a pad, an alarm clock, plenty of hangers in the wardrobe and a bedside lamp so your guests aren’t stumbling around in the dark after turning out the main room light.

4) Leave out some treats
Everyone loves free stuff and a bowl of fresh fruit or sweets is a welcome sight for guests who may have had a long trip. Also, an “in case you forgot” basket with toiletries and razors is a great way to go that extra mile.

5) Details, Details, Details
Although you may have no problem with it, many people hate sitting on the bed so make sure there is a comfy chair in the corner of the room for people to unwind in. Also, while it’s important to clear out unnecessary clutter, if your guests are family or friends then consider leaving out some photos of great times you’ve had together. Finally, put some flowers out and light a candle to give the room a nice scent.

Perhaps all this effort seems worthless to you and the last minute option is more your thing. Make it easier for yourself by keeping your spare room clutter free. The less there is to organize, the less preparation and planning it will take. Check out Big Yellow for more information on how we could help reduce some of the clutter securely from as little as £5.00