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Tracy Martin’s fashion collectibles tips

Did you know that your love of fashion could make you money? Recent research shows we think about our clothes as functional and disposable rather than something that could be worth more than ten times what you paid for it for in just 6 months.

I know what you’re thinking as soon as you hear the term ‘investment’ you automatically think about designer items that cost the Earth. Thanks to recent designer collaborations partnerships with brands like H&M & Lanvin and Topshop & Kate Moss, the high street is bursting with reasonably priced items that are sure to become highly collectable in the future.

Read on for my tips on spotting those items which you should always keep in your wardrobe.

Seek items that are only available for a short length of time

H&M collaborations with high end designers such as Matthew Williamson, Versace and Marni have already increased in value since their launch. Stocking up on these while they’re on the high street will ensure you get the best price and return the biggest possible investment.

Work your way up from the bottom and look at upcoming designers

Examples include Olivia Rubin, Louise Gray and Holly Fulton. They will grow into fashion icons of the future and the cost of items from these types of collections will rise rapidly

Be bold

Stand out and draw attention from collectors by choosing art, colour and embellishments. Reign supreme with fabulous prints and/or sparkles. Items getting attention from collectors already include:

• River Island ‘I Love London’ Dress (Original price – £30, Current value – £150 (on eBay)
• Mary Katrantzou limited edition for Topshop (Original price – £80, Current value – £150 (on eBay)

Be brave

Classic pieces always stand the test of time but won’t necessarily become sought after in the future – wacky, quirky, fun and controversial pieces are more likely to command interest (especially if they have a designer name attached). Think Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.

Look after your clothes

This goes far beyond avoiding nasty stains. Store your clothing in a climate controlled environment to avoid damp, mould and mildew getting onto the clothes. Never store in the attic or cellar as these are prone to extreme heat in the summer & a freezing cold atmosphere in the winter which will ruin the clothes instantly.

Perhaps fashion isn’t your forte and you would rather to invest in vinyls or teapots. Either way, carefully consider the safety of those items which have to potential to be worth something in the future.

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