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Transform your home with great lighting

Whether it’s playing around with natural or artificial lighting, a little bit of thought and imagination can go a long way into transforming a room. Good lighting will set the tone and create an atmosphere, and there’s different types of lighting that you can use in different rooms in order to get it right.

Check out below for inspiration on how to transform your home with a few easy lighting tricks.

Room by room
Spot lighting works best in kitchens, because it’s bright and you can target the work spaces. The living room is used for various family activities, so with this in mind it’s best to have a mix of lighting options to suit your needs; bright, tranquil and cosy. Use a pendant light for the centre of the room to provide the general lighting, and then accent the room with table and floor lamps, which will help brighten up dark corners and create a cosy atmosphere in the evenings.

The magic of mirrors
Make the most out of the natural light by hanging a large mirror opposite a window. This will reflect it around the room and enhance the space. Try to let light come into the room without interruptions. Replacing heavy curtains with blinds will make a huge difference, and remove objects from the window sills to let the light spill in.
Jewery crystal jar with picture frame and flowers on the wooden

The lighter the paint you use on your walls, the more reflective it is, so choose light and bright paints. Black, brown, red and orange tend to make a room look smaller and darker, so opt for shades of pale green, lilac and blue. Also note that colours that look great in bright, hot countries will look different in the grey British daylight. Terracotta is a good example, here it will look much duller, so don’t be fooled.
Interior of a room with sofa 3d render

Extra sockets
To ensure you can have lighting anywhere in the room, install a few floor sockets. This way you won’t have wires trailing across the room, and you are not limited to having lights just by the walls. A simple and easy way to add an extra dimension.
Modern Interior design

Be in control
Each set of lighting should be controlled separately, so you can change it to suit your mood with a flick of a switch. Dimmers are also a great addition to any room – they can help instantly create atmosphere.
Dim light

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