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Organise Your Wine Cellar On Your iPhone

Forgetting what you have in your wine cellar could be a thing of the past thanks to the Cellar and Open Cellar applications available for your iPod and the Open Cellar software for your home computer.

Cellar is an iPhone, iPod or iPad application, which is designed to help you organise your wine collection wherever and whenever you like. The application acts as a swipeable showcase of your wine rack. You can categorise your wine bottles, edit what is in your cellar and browse through your collection.

Any bottles you have removed to drink or sell can be discarded to the ‘Garage’. This feature recognises that the particular bottles are no longer a part of your collection, but saves them in the Garage for future reference.

Don’t have an iPhone? Not a problem!

Open Cellar is an equally useful programme, which you can download for free onto your Mac or PC. You can also purchase the ‘Open Cellar’ app for your iDevice, which can be used alone or can be synchronised with the computer software.

The application allows you to organise your wines and provides information on where each bottle is produced, who it’s produced by, specific attributes and value. You can rate every bottle and add purchasing and taste notes for personal reference.

There is an option to build multiple racks and the application can show you the exact location of each bottle in your cellar, allowing you to find your wines quickly and easily. Touching a specific bottle on the screen displays a summary of the wine and highlights where matching bottles are positioned in your cellar. There is also an online database where you can back up your wine catalogue information, so you will never lose your records.

At Big Yellow Self Storage we know the importance of storing wine properly. At our flagship store in Fulham we offer specialist, climate controlled wine storage rooms which you can access 7 days a week. To find out more information about how you could benefit from wine storage visit The Wine Cellars section of our website.