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Little Yellow. Faff-free smaller space storage.

We’re not just about house moves and big storage spaces, we have small space storage too, perfect if you just want to store away a few boxes. As the UK's favourite self storage company, we are the safer, more flexible and faff-free choice. Unlike other forms of storage, where your stuff is taken to an unknown location, you have to hang around all day for delivery drivers and then pay to have your boxes redelivered back to you, Big Yellow lets you store securely and from as little as one week, on your own terms.

We know everyone’s got stuff they don’t want to chuck out - boxes of photos, that precious CD collection, toys the kids don’t play with (at the moment). Then there’s Christmas decorations, student possessions, seasonal clothing, camping and skiing gear. It all takes up too much space.

Big Yellow has the answer. Store it all away, safe and sound in your own large locker-size space (which can hold up to 14 boxes) then pop in anytime if you need to drop something off (or pick up that teddy). Store from just one week to as long as you like and with no hidden costs.

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Peace of mind

You get your own secure storage space - not a shared space.

All shapes and sizes

Bulky, awkward-shaped stuff welcome – it doesn’t have to fit into a box.

We’re flexible

Stay for less than you intended and you only pay for the time you’re with us.

Short minimum stay

Our minimum stay is just 7 days rather than a month.

Quick access

Your space. Come and go when you want.